Heart Mender


There's a machine for that, right?  

Art is my bandaid.  Heart Mender, my new canvas for Mixed Up Magazine featuring DecoArt products, is proof of that.  And, it is the first in a found object assemblage series I have planned called There's a Machine For That.

I haven't had a lot of time to create (or be present on social media lately).  The last thirty-something days have been a complete blur.  In the midst of planning a wedding, I had to plan a funeral.  But, as it is said, life goes on.


When I was maybe six or seven, I began designing crayon-colored machines made of paper and lots of tape.  I remember so clearly coloring and cutting out the sort-of-circular coins to give to my parents and grandparents to insert in my paper 'vending' machines. When they put a coin in the slot, I would drop a 'prize' for them to pick up off the floor.  Soon, they gave me a puppy...  Looking back, my family probably thought I needed something to occupy my time.  A lot has changed since way back then, but this remains the same: I still love 'making machines'!

If you want to see a step by step tutorial for making a machine that mends holes in hearts, head over to the Mixed Up Mag Blog and read my post about the Heart Mender.  I have also included all the fabulous DecoArt Supplies that were used on this project!

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