She wasn’t waiting for a Knight
She was waiting for a Sword
— Atticus

Welcome to my Kingdom! Today I would like to share Knighted, a canvas I have created for the blog at Mixed Up Mag featuring Sin City Stamps!  

When I begin an art project, I usually have a theme or subject in mind, and though colors and assemblage choices may change throughout the process, the end result still retains most of my original plans.

Not so with Knighted!  

When I began this canvas, my intent was to create a whimsical 'Day of the Dead' piece. I had in fact already made my colorfully embellished sugar skull that was supposed to be the focal point.  Then my background happened, and it was magical!  I didn't want to cover the mystical kingdom that seemed to glow from the canvas. 

Two weeks passed.  I had set the canvas aside with no idea how to finish it.  I pondered.  How's that for a 'knightly' word?  But pondered I did. By chance I came across this poetic phrase by Atticus, 'She wasn't waiting for a knight...She was waiting for a Sword', and I knew I needed to create an empowered female subject, a Knight, for my canvas.

I am excited to invite you to the blog at Mixed Up Magazine so I can share my process of creating Knighted with Sin City Stamps. Follow the link above to see more photos, steps and a list of products I used.  See you there!