Where In The World Am I?

So, I hear it's 2016...and now here I am, my kids grew up and I didn't. That's right, I love to fingerpaint and color and play with clay and be silly!  

But even though I feel like a little kid inside, I of course live in the grown-up world of stress, bad drivers, deadlines and daylight-savings-time (that really annoys me, but more on that later).  I have found that creating Altered Art and Mixed Media is my prescription for being a happy-go-lucky little kid again.  In the spirit of sharing my love for art, I will write a blog...once I figure out whatever that is!



So, let's look it up on the Mirriam Webster dictionary site http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/blog

Full Definition of blog

:  a Web site that contains online personal reflections, comments, and often hyperlinks provided by the writer; also :  the contents of such a site

Simple enough...except for that word 'hyperlink'.  I'm thinking that may somehow be connected to the old Star Trek phrase "Scotty, beam me up". Which also leads me to wonder, if Scotty had a day off, does anyone else have the 'beam up (or hyperlink) training?   But I digress...back to the definition, I see after the logo Mirriam Webster it says from 1928.  Hmmm, should I be looking at a more present day, trendy definition? How does Urban Dictionary define blog?

Top Definition of blog

: short for weblog.

A meandering, blatantly uninteresting online diary that gives the author the illusion that people are interested in their stupid, pathetic life. Consists of such riveting entries as "homework sucks" and "I slept until noon today."


Okay!  Now I have a starting point:  I excel at meandering AND I'm uninteresting!  Thanks Urban Dictionary.

UPDATE:  I researched the word 'hyperlink' with this result -


:a link from a hypertext file or document to another location or file, typically activated by clicking on a highlighted word or image on the screen.

So, I was right after all!  Scotty, if you are working today, BEAM ME UP!

(Don't be misled by the Star Trek references; I know very little about that show other than I like the idea of being beamed up. In case you haven't noticed, I also know not one single thing about writing a blog, so please bear with me.)







Where in the world am I???