Be Happy


As you know, I love altering anything and everything. Recently I was taking a visual stroll

through Pinterest and came across Yupo paper that clearly had been manipulated by

heat. I was intrigued and began reading the descriptions associated with the images.

Many were blank, but some mentioned tools to use.

Then came the day to experiment. I filled a bucket full of water, just in case I set my art

room ablaze, and began experimenting. Luckily there was only a little smoke; no fire. I

opened my window for some air and I continued to play!

So here is something quite different from what I usually create. I originally intended for

this to be only a technique tutorial, but I decided to make a little piece using the Yupo

squares. I have made a video tutorial that is accessible to view for members of Mixed Up

Creatives where I am proud to be a resident tutor. I hope you try altering Yupo, with or

without a heat source, and/or make a little beachy decor.



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